Limited Liability Company «Russian Innovative Technology" (LLC "RIT" Company) - a diversified industrial and construction company, which since 2003 has carried out all works in the construction of oil and gas industry using the latest technology.

LLC "RIT" - a team of highly qualified personnel capable of a creative approach to their work and find new and effective solutions of problems of any complexity.

Our goal is to be the leaders in introducing and developing the most advanced technological solutions  with the aim to reduce terms and improve the quality of construction of oil and gas industry. Inputs allow the company to perform all work at a high level of quality.

The main activities of the Company:

  • Production of enlarged nodes pipelines (including cranes) at the plant in Vologda for binding of basic technological facilities and compressor stations, gas distribution, junction point and other elements of the pipeline;
  • Manufacture of reinforced nipples for using in particularly critical parts of the oil and gas pipelines, instead of direct incut;
  • Production of stabilizing devices of pipelines;
  • Production of all types of pipe supports;
  • Production of the hatch - manhole at pressure of 11.8 MPa;
  • Laboratory quality control;
  • Attestation point;
  • Welding and assembly work, including installation of process equipment, process piping and internal networks, manufacturing and installation of steel structures, prefabricated buildings and structures;
  • Termo noise isolation of pipelines and equipment on the objects of linear compressor stations, including the use of high-quality material Foamglas;
  • Anty-corrosion insulation of pipelines and equipment in the transmission system facilities, including paintwork material;
  • Engineering- geophysical surveys to search for underground water for technical and household purposes for the construction objects of gas transportation system, including the use of the method of nuclear magnetic resonance, water well drilling to design appropriate documentation, a device of electrochemical protection of pipelines.

Principles of Operation:

  • Achievement of objectives in a timely manner with the most effective method;
  • Use the most advanced developments to improve the quality of work;
  • Compliance with business and professional ethics;
  • Continuous training of staff;
  • Confidentiality of information.