Quality of the work and permission documentation

The Works  performed by the Company is according to the demands of the norm-technique  and project documentations, that is certified by the certificate of services  in the system of GAZPROMSERT and positive comments from general contractor building and operating organizations about the quality of performed work: CSJC “Yamalgazinvest”, LLC “Gazprom invest Vostok”, LLC “Stroigazkonsalting”, LLC “Stroigazmontaj”, OJSC “Centrgaz”, OJSC “Stroitransgaz”, OJSK “Krasnodargazstroy”, OJSC “Lengazspecstroy”.

To carry out all the activities of the Company the necessary package of permits, certificates, tolerance, evidence and conclusions is received. To ensure the high quality of all performed works in 2009 LLC “RIT” entered into Non-Profit Partnership “The self-regulated organization: the Association Builders of gas and oil systems” and received the necessary approvals, including the following activities:

  • Assembly of main and field pipelines;
  • Implementation of anticorrosion and insulation works on main and oil pipelines;
  • The construction of filling stations;
  • Quality control of welded joints and insulation;
  • Cleaning of the cavity and test of main and field pipelines;
  • Assembly of equipment for cleaning and preparation for transportation of gas and oil;
  • Assembly of equipment of oil, gas compressor stations and product lines.

In 2010 Company “RIT” came into SRO “NP “ Combining of the organizations carrying out engineering studies in the oil and gas industry,  “ engineer-prospector” and gain access to the following activities:

  • Driving of mine workings with their testing, laboratory  testing of physical and mechanical properties of soils and chemical properties of groundwater samples;
  • Studying of the dangerous geological and engineering- geological processes with the development of recommendations for engineering protection of territories;
  • Hydro-geological studies;
  • Engineering and geophysical studies;
  • Engineering geocryological  research;
  • Seismological and seism tectonic study of the territory, seismic micro zonation;
  • Excavation of mine workings with their testing and laboratory studies of the mechanical properties of soils characterization of specific schemes for the calculation of the base plate;
  • Determination of the standard of mechanical characteristics of soil methods of static, dynamic and drilling probing;
  • Special studies of the characteristics of soils on the individual programs for non-standard, including non-linear methods for calculating the basis and foundations of buildings and structures;
  • Soil survey of the base buildings.

The System management of quality functions in LLC “Russian Innovative Technology”. It was certified in 2009 for compliance with the STO  Gazprom 9001-2006.

Also, the Company has valid documents as:

  • Document that confirms organizational and technical readiness of the enterprise of LLC “Gazprom Gaznadzor”;
  • A Certificate of non-destructive testing laboratory;
  • Certificate of accreditation of the laboratory mechanical tests;
  • Certificates for products and services.

The Company  has developed and agreed upon in the Standing Committee of  JSC “Gazprom” for acceptance of new types of pipes.

  • TU 1469-008-04606975-2008 “ Sites of main and field pipelines” which takes into account the requirement of standards such as STO Gazprom 2-2.2-136-2007, STO Gazprom 2-2.2-115-2007, STO2- 2.4-083-2006 as well as the instructions for welding MG Bovanenkovo-Ukhta with a working pressure under 11.8 Mpa.
  • TU 1469-009-15188736-2009 “Fittings and components of main and field pipelines with anticorrosion thermo exterior coating”

Thus , our customers can be completely sure about the quality of all manufactured by  LLC “RIT” works.