Anticorrosion and thermo noisy insulation

One of the most important conditions of the functioning pipeline transport is a high anticorrosion and thermo noisy isolation of pipelines equipment and constructions.

LLC “RIT” makes complex anticorrosion and thermo noise insulation of high quality as in plant as in field conditions directly  at construction plant.

Custom shop for applying anticorrosion coatings works at our plant in Vologda. All the production conforms to TU 1469-009-15188736-2009 ”Fittings and nodes of main and field pipelines with external anticorrosion thermosetting coating”. These technic conditions are agreed with the Permanent Commission of JSC “Gazprom” for acceptance of new kind of production. Equipage shop allows to envelope ( coat) the fittings and nodes of pipelines as self –engineered as any other organizations with the production length till 15 meters and diameters up to 1420 including.

If necessarily LLC “RIT” provides with the full complex of works in field conditions with the help of mobile complex for covering anticorrosion coatings (“Biurs”, “Frusis”, “Protegol”) established on the base of fright road vehicles. Moveable workstation equipped with the modern foreign and domestic equipment that allow to work as enveloping anticorrosion insulation in different regions, including the region of far North . Qualified personnel operative and qualitative perform isolating work  using all the necessary methods of quality control.

In 2011 the production team UIOR LLC “Russian Innovative Technology «as part of contract completed work on anticorrosion insulation of underground and aboveground part of equipment and pipelines on the objects:

  • Automatic  GDS  Adler District of Sochi;
  • Land part of gas pipeline Djugba-Lazarevskoe-Sochi 9 marine variant) in the frame of increasing of production including the Third commissioning and start up complex, land part No.5;
  • Reconstructed part of gas pipeline-branch AGDS Kudepsta;
  • Gas pipeline to Adler CHP-the whole surface area of isolation is more than  3000 squared.

In accordance with the project decision and recommendation of  LLT “Vniigas” the company produces work for the protection of thermo noisy insulation of the object of main gas pipeline and flowing plant with the application of built up frame from different  thermo noisy insulation materials, including cellulose foam glass “FoamGlass”. The widest appliance of foam glass was on the objects with the industrial requirements to the noisy insulation and fire safety.

Works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations No. TR –RIT-FG-001.08 for the devices of thermo noisy construction of pipelines, fabricated shapes and equipments in field conditions.

Installation thermo noisy insulation is made at plant ( baseline)  and route conditions on rigged pipeline or equipment as at assembling as during the remedial works in the range of ambient temperature from - 40°C till +50°C.

Nowadays the company successfully has performed work of thermo noisy insulation with the applying of materials foamglass at the gas compressor stations of main gas pipelines: STRO- Torjok, Pochini-Gryazovec, JSC”Gasprom with the total volume of insulation details more than 4000 cubed meters.