Design and manufacture of nodes of pipelines

The higher requirements for all stages of production  including welding were made at the each stage of improving the technology of pipeline transport of oil and gas .Modern trends in the development of pipeline are:

  • Offset projects in remote regions with the poor infrastructure and extreme climatic conditions ( Yamal peninsula, East Siberia, Sakhalin Island);
  • Increasing the operating pressure of pipelines and as a consequence of an increase in thickness of pipe and components;
  • Tightening of quality requirements for construction works and as a consequence of increasing demands for quality of welded joints;
  • Increased responsibility of the contractors for the failure time of construction.

One of the main ways of solving these problems is the production and delivery of pipeline arrangement of compressor stations studs enlarged nodes that allowing from 50 to 70 %  of all pipeline welding studs in the factory with assembly and delivery of units produced before the assembly work on the objects.

One of the first in 2004 the company introduced the method for the design  and construction of industrial pipelines of compressor stations from enlarged nodes.

In order to meet the needs of high –quality execution of projects of construction and reconstruction of JSC “Gazprom” in Vologda our organization built a plant for the production of piping components (assembly units).

The standard technical specifications TU1469-008-04606975-2008 “Knots main and field pipelines” in which the requirements of the basic standards of JSC”Gazprom” for operating pressure of pipelines  up to 11.8 Mpa inclusive and flowlines  to 31.4 Mpa inclusive with diameters of 57-1420mm are denoted. This specification TU 1469-008-04606975-2008 agreed in the Permanent Commission of “Gazprom” in acceptance of  new products. The technological equipment of the Company`s plant in Vologda allows us to be a leader in the manufacture of piping components.

In the manufacture of components 100% of the input control of every detail and pipes is provided. Edge treatment of the details and the pipes is made by mechanical way, machine tools imported. Preliminary heating of welded joints is by fireless way of induction heaters. Welding of components is performed by  automatic welding systems technetronic, ISAB, Lincoln, in accordance with the technology, certified by the rules of NATW ( National Agency of Non-Destructive Testing and Welding). The nodes are  labored in necessary pipeline volumes heat treatment and hydraulic testing. At each stage of manufacturing functional control of products certified by the department of quality control of the Company is carried out.

All the products are supplied in a special transport packaging, inventory caps and temporary preservative coating.

Over  8 years of work on the objects of the gas industry there were delivered more than 5.100 nodes with the total weight of 12300 tons . In 2010 fabrication and shipment of components for the parent compressor station MCS of Sakhalin MG Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok were completed as well as unique sites for a pressure of 11.8 Mpa (120 kgf/sm squared) CS Baidarackaya SMG Bovanenkovo- Uchta. In 2011 the units of the pipeline are manufactured for 5 of 8 gas –compressor stations of SMG Bovanenkovo-Ukhta.

Statistics of the volumes of manufacturing the skids.

-the quantity of skids/ items
-weight of skids/ ton