Engineering geophysical woks on underground water search

One of the independent activities of LTD RIT in 2005 is to perform complex works on searching and evaluation of groundwater for water supply of the objects of various infrastructure construction of water wells in different groundwater conditions.

To search for prospective places of construction of water searching well sites the Company uses modern high quality equipment of foreign and  domestic manufactory. The works are carried out by the following methods:

  • Vertical electrical sounding ( VES)
  • Induced polarization (IP)
  • The methods of electric profiling (EP)
  • Using natural field (NF)
  • Non-contract measurement electric field (NMEF)
  • GPR method – gedroradiolocation
  • The method of acoustic spectral profiling (ASP)
  • Seismic refraction method.

Using a wide range of geophysical methods allows to solve a variety of groundwater and engineering geological issues in different geological conditions.

The Company performs works as a search and exploration of water sources on the basis of groundwater and construction of water wells including construction works:

  • Development of projects of protective sanitary  zone of water supply facility, projects of drilling of development well afloat, projects of fresh ground water; further coordination and approvals of these projects in due course to the Federal Authorities;
  • Preparation of subsurface management licenses in  territory agencies to obtain the right of geological survey and mining licenses;
  • Excavating excavation;
  • Development of filtration;
  • Studying the composition and sanitary  state of groundwater;
  • Survey for the design of sanitary protection zones of water intake;
  • Count and protection of groundwater resources in the public examination  in the territorial commission on mineral resources;
  • Preparation of estimates in Federal unit Rates for General Civil Construction, Territorial Units Cost and State Itemized Cost Estimate Standards.

Only during the period of  2007 to 2011 Company performed more than 75 constructions located throughout the territory of Russia: gas pipelines, “SRTO-Torzhok”, “Northern-European”, “Bovanenkovo- Ukhta”, “Murmansk- Volkhov”, Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok”.

The specialist of the Company perform full range of activities in finding the sources of water supply based on groundwater beginning from the forming of licenses with the purpose and types of work on mineral resources, supply searching and evaluation activities to the performing work in drilling wells with the registration of all necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Technical support of drilling and experienced hydrogeological work in different geological factors is achieved by engaging sub-contractors and use a variety of different techniques.

Company capabilities allow to  use practically any methods of drilling wells  from cable-tool, that allows more qualitative  to perform capping of groundwater in unconsolidated sediments, to the air-shock using a specialized technique that provides exclusively high performance (up to over 30 m/h) during the drilling and opening of the aquifers in hard rocks.

In this case we use as well-established technical tools for a long timebeing “in service” and as the latest modern technical means which are in some cases unique.