Quality Control Laboratory

Quality control laboratory  is equipped with  all the necessary equipment that allow us to ensure  quality control of manufactured products as  of LLC “RIT” as the items of the other manufactories.

Nondestructive Testing Laboratory performs the following types of control pipes with wall thickness up to 50mm

  • Computerized control of parameters and welding conditions;
  • Visual and measuring control;
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement;
  • X-ray control;
  • Control of penetrant;
  • Control of electrical methods of insulating coatings;
  • Quality control of insulating coatings. In the laboratory of destructive testing there are modern foreign equipment with the help of which the following type of mechanical tests of specimens of welded points is possible;
  • Metal test different parts of the metal and the weld metal deposited on the static (short) stretch at a normal temperature;
  • Test sections of the welded joint and weld metal in static bending;
  • Test different parts of the metal and the weld metal deposited on the  impact strength ( notched in the samples) at low, room and elevated temperatures;
  • Measuring the hardness of the metal parts of different welded joints and weld metal (Vickers, Brinell);
  • Conducting metallographic studies (determination of the quantity of nonmetallic inclusions);
  • Determine the chemical composition of the metal, including carbon;
  • Testing of welds on fracture toughness.

Nondestructive Testing Laboratory successfully performs full range of works not only in plant conditions but also on the objects of building, when welding-assembling work. In this department there is a specially off-road transport equipment and ability of work in hard climate conditions.

Under the contracts with the company “ Gazprom VNIIGAZ” and “Gazprom” Laboratories, Company “RIT” are involved in carrying out mechanical tests and nondestructive testing for qualification testing of welding technology, welding materials, welding equipment, industrial certification of welding procedures and qualification of welders as well as research attestation in developing innovative projects of JSC “Gazprom”.